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Paul Cauduro
Executive Director
P.O. Box 41747
Houston, TX  77241-1747


Texas CHP

Case Studies

Baytown Industrial Park (Baytown, TX)

The Baytown Industrial Park is the flagship site for Bayer MaterialScience LLC, which is the polymers manufacturing arm of Bayer AG in the U.S. Due to variety of utility and emissions reduction needs, a combined heat and power plant was installed and operated by Calpine Corporation. The system includes combined-cycle cogeneration of 700 MW of base load power throughout the year with 130 MW of peak power during summer months. [Download profile]

Dell Children's Medical Center (Austin, TX)

A 4.3 MW Integrated Energy System (IES) owned and operated by Austin Energy that provides the hospital complex with power, chilled water and steam. [Download profile]


University of Texas at Austin (Austin, TX)

The University of Texas at Austin increases investment in co-generation to achieve greater utility reliability and economy, achieving roughly 90% efficiency. [Download profile]

Targa Resources (Mont Belvieu, TX)

Targa Resources conducts natural gas fractionation at its Mont Belvieu facility. Its 15 MW gas turbine provides 70-90% of the facility's electricity. [Download profile]

Additional documents about CHP projects in Texas are available through the Gulf Coast Clean Energy Regional Applications Center.

P.O. Box 41747, Houston, TX 77241-1747
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